Winner Freestyle Cup 2014 Szymon Skalski !!

When Freestyle Cup 2014 was held in Copenhagen the Guys from Poland had a good day.
It was really high level of Freestyling from everybody with Freestylers like Szymo, Skora, Gaetan, Holmberg and many more..
When 19 Battles where played Szymo from Poland was the winner and got 700 Euro for winning.
 Skora came as a runner-up and got 300 Euro.
Watch this clip from the Final Battle between Szymo and Skora.

What is amazing to notice is that i was with Szymo at the hospital just 2 hours before the Freestyle Cup started. And he went up and won anyway.. Thats... Amazing !!
See you all next in Freestyle Cup 2015 !!

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