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When Freestyle Cup 2014 was held in Copenhagen the Guys from Poland had a good day.
It was really high level of Freestyling from everybody with Freestylers like Szymo, Skora, Gaetan, Holmberg and many more..
When 19 Battles where played Szymo from Poland was the winner and got 700 Euro for winning.
 Skora came as a runner-up and got 300 Euro.
Watch this clip from the Final Battle between Szymo and Skora.

What is amazing to notice is that i was with Szymo at the hospital just 2 hours before the Freestyle Cup started. And he went up and won anyway.. Thats... Amazing !!
See you all next in Freestyle Cup 2015 !!

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Startline ready for Freestyle Cup 2014 but this is also a nice meeting for both the Freestylers that is competing and the Freestylers that like to join just for fun.

Cup Denmark is a big Soccer Tournement but we add the Freestyle Cup to inspire the kids that are playing soccer to play with the fotball not just on the field, says Al Fluin the manager of Cup Denmark.

From Thursday to Saturday night you are able to watch some of the best Freestylers in the World playing and competing for 1000 Euro in Prize awards.
Come and watch them and if you like, try yourself with the guys...
Check the startfield under Bild, Video here on the page or check our Facebook by clicking under the text.

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Next weekend Freestyle Cup is going to take place for the 4th time.
A great meeting right in the middle of a big soccer tournement, Cup Denmark
This year we welcome among others last years winner of Red Bull, Szymo from Poland.

This year we can also welcome for the first time a girl in Freestyle Cup.
Elise from Sweden is the Best Freestyler we have right now in Sweden, says Daniel Rooseboom De Vries. 

It is both a fantastic meeting and a Competition with 1000 Euro in pricemoney says Pawel Skora, the winner of Freestyle Cup 2013.
We really like this , he continues. The mix of a Soccer Cup and a Freestyle meeting is a Great mix.
Pawel is going to defend his titel the 26th of Juli in Copenhagen.
If you have time, please come by Ishöj next weekend to see some of  the best Freestylers on earth battle for the titel Freestyle Cup 2014.

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Now you can watch the Movie that we made in Rio at the World Cup 2014 here..
We went all over Rio to do shows and spread Football Freestyle.
We are happy to share this to you, hope you can share it also to others :)



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Under en dryg veckas tid fick vi möjligheten att få åka till Fotbollens Land, Brasilien !!
Jag och Emil åkte ner till Rio De Janeiro för att skjuta lite coola klipp till en film.
Och resan och upplevelsen blev över förväntan.
Vi showade på Copacabana, vid Jesusstatyn, Sockertoppen och bland Favelorna i Rio.

Vi åkte med Brittiska BBC upp till en av de mest kriminella Favelorna i Rio för att showa för kidsen.
Vi har försökt illustrera lite med några bilder på bildsidan.
Men denna vecka kommer det även ut en 5 minuter lång film med det bästa från resan.

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