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2014 > 08

Grand Opening Hamburg !!
Stadium, the biggest sportshopdealer in Sweden i opening their first shop in Germany !
And we have the pleasure to help them with the marketing in Hamburg.

Friday 19 - Sunday 21 of September we will be there to do our Football Freestyle Shows on the streets of Hamburg, 
Around Hamburgs Streets you will see us doing shows and inspire people to shop at Stadium.

Björn, Emil and Marcus from Football Freestyle Team will be there.
Follow our journey on our mediachannels.

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When Gothenburg had a Culture Festival in Town Football Freestyle Team helped O´Learys to show some culture in Football Freestyle.

Emil, from the team did his shows at Avenyn the biggest street in town. 
A lot of people stopped and enjoyed the happening outside O´Learys when the music started.
Next time maybe you can watch us outside O´Learys in your town....

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Tomorrow Saturday Football Freestyle Team is helping O´Learys in Gothenburg.
Starting at 12.00 we are doing shows every 25 min utside on Avenyn.
If you want to see us, we will be there from

Dont miss it, be inspired....
with Football Freestyle Team

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When Football Freestyle Team joined the concept Winning Ground we sent Joakim Kjellgren to show what Football Freestyle is.
Joakim is a great guy for inspire the kids to watch and try our sport.
The concept Winning Ground is also somtething we support, its about just having fun with the fotball and just not winning titels.
Winning ground is a Cup for the kids when everone is a winner.
Watch also a short film with Joakim 20 sec into the film under the picture.

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Today you can find Football Freestyle Team and Joakim Kjellgren in Linköping.
When Linköpings ladies in Swedens highest division is playing against Umeå FC we are there doing Football Freestyle.
We like to get out more on female events and try to inspire girls to test and practice Football Freestyle.
And this is a perfect event to do this.
Joakim is a also a perfect Freestyler to show this to the girls to. says Björn Kjellbris

Welcome today Sunday to Linköping Arena to watch and listen to Joakim.


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When Brommapojkarna was holding the International Stadium Soccer Cup
in Stockholm, Football Freestyle Team was making shows for the kids.

Joakim Kjellgren, a wellknown Swedish Freestyler did some shows for the kids and he also inspired the kids to do some nice mowes too.
Football Freestyle Team is trying to get the kids to show our sport Football Freestyle and try Freestyling.

Mainly not for trying to get them to Freestyle full time, but to practice ballcontrol to get a better touch in the field.  Joakim Kjellgren like the rest of our guys is good to do that. Lets Get Inspired !

Football Freestyle Team, Joakim Kjellgren.

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When Swedens biggest Soccerclub Brommapojkarna is holding an International Soccer Cup, Football Freestyle Team is there and doing shows.

Joakim Kjellgren, a great Freestyler is showing the kids what Football Freestyle is all about.

Saturday is the day and Grimsta IP is the place !

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2 very good Freestylers where battling off in the other Semifinal.

Anders that recently did win the Danish Freestyle Championship against last years winner Skora.
See the battle here for the other Final place in the final and garanteed 300 Euro.


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When it just came down to The Semifinals there where 4 Freestylers in World Class !!

This is Semifinal 1, Freestyle Cup 2014 between 
Gaetan from France and Szymo from Poland


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