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2014 > 09

WOW !! What a great feeling.

Me, Emil and Marcus from Football Freestyle Team went to Hamburg. Germany really likes Football !
You can see that when we started to Freestyle for them in our shows.
We did Football Freestyle Shows in 25 places all around Hamburg. And really kicked off the Stadium appearance in Germany. See the pics and we will post a short film from Hamburg later this week.
We did inspire Hamburg to Freestyle !!

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Next week Football Freestyle Team is going to Germany, Hamburg.

Next week Stadium is also going to Germany, Hamburg.
Stadium is opening the first Shop in Germany.
And we are helping them !!
3 days of Freestyling with some of the Best Freestylers from Sweden.
We are doing over 30 shows and giving out over 300 Freestyle Fotballs to kids that like to try our sport. Lets inspire !!

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Football Freestyle Team did a show at the Opening Ceremony of Hässelby´s new Soccer pitch in Stockholm.
A lot of kids and parents where joining the big day for the happening.

We try to ispire the kids to Freestyle with us and we also met one of the new very talented kids from Stockholm there.
August Söderlund is only 12 years but already a very good Football Freestyler.

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Sunday 7th of September we will be a part of a Opening Ceremony of a new Soccer Pitch.
Hässelby SK is making a big Party when they openes the Hässelby IP.
A lot of kids playing and Marcus and me is making a Football Freestyle Show.
For thoose that like to join us we will be there from 11.00-13.00.
The show will be at 12.00.

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