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2016 > 06

We did win the match in the town against Belgium !
Emil representing Sweden beat Belgium 10-0 i Panna.

Watch the game here...

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Today we did 1 Great session in Monte Carlo outside the Casino.

But when we turn around our GoPro was gone.
Someone took it from us !!
But we got our other kamera and shot another clip from the Beach of Nice.

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Football Freestyle Team in Nice för supporting the Swedish Team in the last game against Belgium.

This is some small clips from today !
Wait for the Panna !!!

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Today Friday and tomorrow Saturday we will be at Sergelgatan to Football Freestyle and play Football in our PannaCage.

Please join us and play or Freestyle with us.
We are there Friday 11-13 and Saturday 11-15

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With no editing or fakeclips we took down the football 66 m. from the roof of Scandic Continental.

See the film here.


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This weekend we did a commercial with the Team.

I am sorry, cant tell you much more right now.
Wait until next Friday and you will see :)

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